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What a great idea doing a gig on your Birthday is, lots of pals turn up and bring presents. Oh and you get to play music and have a great time. Thanks. No excuse to come this month so, other than the three reasons set out below.

Thursday June 3rd
Rhatigan Nev, from 'Ray' told me he bought a copy of our 'Big Stick' cd in a charity shop recently which adds to the myriad of ways Flyer 3-6-99 link to galleryyou can acquire this obscure masterpiece. A selection of songs recorded on 8track between 97-98 it features a recently revived song Requiescat that now features the mighty lip of Shane Mills aka The Bone. This version can only be heard live and/ or by getting hold of one of the several bootleg tapes there are floating around oh and of course at your local charity shop.
Ant Over the last year or so, Ant has been a regular visitor here at Cushy studios. We must have recorded ten or more of his beguiling tunes. His music is so fresh, not stylistically ground breaking or tricksy and clever, it is sensual, spiritual and thoughtful. He is also the drumming third of other Cushy favs Hefner and now, the first artist to appear on Evil World Records, Jennifer Dennitto and Darren Hayman's label. The choice of 'I hope you'll always be there' and 'Not sleeping the same way' for the single illustrates Ant's qualities perfectly, earthy and ethereal.
RAY Formerly 'Bradford and Ladies', brothers Nev and Mark Bradford team up with Mary Richards to craft atmospheric pop with shimmering guitars, violin, cello and a voice landing spectacularly on the fault line between Nick Drake and David Bowie.
"Floating on an effervescent cloud, as if magic had made them".

No excuses then.
Bookings 0171 2092248 Doors 8pm £5 or £4 with flyerLink to 12 Bar

Denmark Place, London WC2

As I'm writing this I'm still recovering from the last gig and that was nearly a week ago. It was a great night and thanks to everyone who played, Sid, Bethany White Hotel and my longsuffering accomplices John, Paul, Shane, and soundman Phil.
Next...THURSDAY 6th May

Tim Bowness / Samuel Smiles Samuel Smiles is another of Tim Bowness's myriad of music projects. He is probably best known for his band NO MAN who released several albums on One Little Indian in the early 90's and work with Richard Barbieri/Japan on the Flame album. This is him with his pop head on, perverted pop and ambient torch songs, elegant and endangered.
Flyer 6-5-99 link to gallery Rhatigan I promise we are getting closer to the next Rhatigan record mean while come and hear more of the new material in it's spiritual home. Oh and it's my birthday so you have to come!
Harvey Williams When Harvey approached me to play at the club I was delighted cos I hoped to persuade him to duet with me on the Dean Friedman classic 'Lucky Stars'. His obvious love of the piano man school of writing made me sure he would see the potential, even though his style is more akin to Randy Newman via Penzance than our hero. I'm still working on him so get there early just in case. He has an album due out on Shinkansen, his previous releases were London Weekend 1992 and Rebellion 95 both on
Sarah records.
Paul It's one of those nights, so many great artists, but someone has to go on first. Please don't miss Paul on at 8.30pm. Having released her critically acclaimed eponymous debut on Arista a couple of years ago, she has survived the major label mulch to emerge as an artist of passion and complexity matched with an instinctive pop sensibility. Working with a drummer and double bassist who weave their way respectfully around her sparse acid guitar work and bittersweet lyrics.
Bookings 0171 2092248 Doors 8pm £5 or £4 with flyerLink to 12 Bar

Plum Promotions at the Water Rats
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THURSDAY 15th APRIL WATER RATS...Flyer 15-4-99 link to gallery

RHATIGAN will be playing at the WATER RATS opening for 4AD signings RUBY CRUISER who like our selves have previously, released stuff on ORG RECORDs, the inimitable SEAN WORRALL from ORGAN FANZINE's label.

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Denmark Place, London WC2
Thursday 8th April Were you there at our last gig? I hope you had as much fun as we did. Our mate Shane is taking over the Rhatigan sound with his trusty Bass Trombone, from now on he will be referred to simply as 'The Bone'. Thanks to Pinkie Maclure and Dorothy Strain who despite Julianne's blistering back as a result of too much sun in Teneriffe, helped make the evening a memorable occasion for every one. Sid Stronach, who with his pal Dave from Fierce Panda band Linoleum really captivated me, will be back again on the 8th.
Flyer 8-4-99 link to galleryRHATIGAN As I write these pages myself it is very difficult to write about my own band, but at the moment I am really enjoying the music so it is a little easier. Myself and John love writing songs and we are quite prolific, which is good, except it makes finishing the recordings more difficult 'cos we tend to drift into working on new tunes. The monthly residency is a good place to test the new stuff and it keeps our regulars and us on our toes.
WHITE HOTEL We're looking forward to a return visit by the wonderful and much lauded W H. It is so heartening to see a band like this getting the print space they deserve, their dark folk/blues sound is very intense, but no one could listen to Ken Low and not believe it to be true and that's all that matters.
SID STRONACH If you were here last month you might have missed Sid who did the difficult first on spot, but his song writing is so strong I asked him to come back and do it again. Listen for the classic country flavour of 'Rose in Cellophane' and the beautiful 'Spirit Harbour'. The next person who complains to me that there are no great songwriters in London is gonna hear from me!
BETHANY I first met Blair Jollands formerly of Fuzz Head, when he did a set for Cushy about two years ago. He has a very eclectic substantial record ready to go under the name Crash Presley, but tonight he will be teaming up with a couple of friends who call them selves Bethany to play us some new material. To be honest, I have no idea what to expect stylistically, but he is a strong live performer so it should be great. Get there early.

Denmark Place, London WC2
 Thursday 11th March Last month we had another great night, thanks to everyone who took part, particularly the people who indulged in the spirit of the whole evening and stayed till the end. After an extended second set, RHATIGAN finally managed to leave the stage with the sound of Shane Mill's bass trombone still ringing in our ears. A special thanks to him for breathing new life into the closing track on the Big Stick ep, Requiescat. It'll never sound the same again. So we have to go some to top that this month. No problem...
PINKIE MACLURE We're delighted to welcome Pinkie MacLure to our club, this new post Beggars Banquet material is very strong, as you would expect.
Flyer 11-3-99 link to galleryTHE DOROTHY STRAIN At last the formidable Julianne McCambridge has been tempted back to the fray by bass player and former Rosy Gallooner Toby Strain to form a new band. They are as yet unheard, but we feel confident that they will be impressive, well Julianne never fails…
SID STRONACH Regular Cushyite Nicxx rang Sid after reading a complimentary review of his demo, in Holly Hernandez demo hell in the Melody maker, that got her curiosity going as Holly seldom likes any of the tapes she receives. I was also impressed by the strength of his songs and the empathy in his voice. Very Special.

Plum Promotions at the Water Rats
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 Friday 26th February

Dream City Film Club Flyer 26-2-99 link to gallery Launching their new Album tonight, on Beggars Banquet, it is great to be playing with DCFC again since our split single with them, still available through ORG. Wonder what the new stuff is like? Stop Press... I just heard them on GLR on Sean Hughes and it's good stuff. The respectable face of goth. Hang on they're playing acoustically now, a Dylan song and a track called 'The Curse' from the new album and it sounds great. I never realised Michael had such a beautiful voice, they seem to be more country than goth today. Hmm.
RHATIGAN This is a rare opportunity to see us outside the confines of the 12 Bar, I like playing here, it gives us a chance to exploit the full range of style and sonic dynamic in our set. Lot's of new material to try standing up!
PADDY WANASH Rob Cox at the STONE ROOM STUDIOS who has been a great pal to us, is a big Paddy fan. He played me some tracks they did there, full on barely covers it, a must see.
 Bookings 0171 284 0077 Doors 8pm £5 or £4 with flyer

Denmark Place, London WC2

Monday 18th January
We intend to start 99 as we finished 98, with a great line up. If you were at the Xmas bash thanks for coming and especially thanks to Gina, Sam, Mick, Anthony Anderson and Hefner, all played wonderfully. Just to confuse you we are starting our Cushy Year on a Monday but we'll be back to our monthly Thursdays from Febuary 11th. Meanwhile January 18th is a corker...
Flyer 18-1-99 link to gallery We've been trying to get WHITE HOTEL back to the club since their mesmerising set for us last year but 'cos I messed up the dates we had to swap to Monday to accomodate them, but they're worth it. Distorted langourous slide guitar wrapped around dark tales of longing and losing. RHATIGAN will be taking a break from recording a new ep to try some of their new stuff and GINA BIRCH will be back for another solo spot.
First up will be ANT, Cushy regulars will have seen him playing drums with Hefner but few have heard him sing his own brand of hopeless love song. And he's georgeous...

Bookings 0171 2092248 Doors 8pm £5 or £4 with flyer

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