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Thursday, 14th December 2000

Happy Christmas every one     
Another year under the belt and another notch! I've spent a good part of the year back in Dublin my old hometown, but the monthly Cushy club has survived and continues to play an important part in my music and that of a few other artists, I hope. My undying thanks to every one who contributes in making it so. 
I've had to do with out my rhythm, bottom and bone of late, this month I will be similarly unfettered. Mrs Paul (drums) is expecting at any time and John (bottom) will be in Greece furthering the Hefner cause. Jackie (bone) has been offered paid work at some fancy corporate do, though she is threatening to make a late appearance. I shall be there regardless with my RHATIGAN song sheet ready to regale you with tunes of your choice    
The Cushy Christmas party is usually very busy so I recommend booking tickets in advance not least as there is a lot of interest in my guests.
MENLO PARK have come to the attention of London 'live music' aficionados, for putting on extravagant theme based shows. The scale and ambition of these productions, the most recent being a thoroughly entertaining night at Shoreditch Town Hall, means that they do not play very often. Arguably the fantastic production on these occasions has tended to obscure some great song writing as evidenced on their debut eponymous album which is out now on Belgium based Cutty Shark Records. They are an acoustic based quartet of voodoo cajun country folk madness, which stripped back to it's roots should be perfect for the 12 Bar Club.

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It's nearly a year since my friends THE LONG GOOD LUCK were last here. It's been a year which has seen them go from strength to strength with the release of their debut single 'She's in Control' on Evil World Records, a follow up should be expected next year. Framed with bass and viola, lyricist Eugene sings his tormented lust ballads from bitter experience it is almost impossible not to empathise with his songs about doomed nights out and dancing at the Loughbourough Hotel. 
First on is a tall (6'4'') young songwriter called JOHN LACY from Yorkshire I believe. I don't know any more than that! 
I should also mention that in a fit of madness I decided to make this a Victorian theme party and the first 10 people to come dressed accordingly will be admitted free, for the rest of you it will be £5 or £4 with flyers ...  Doors 8pm
Boookings 0171 2092248    
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