Denmark Place, London WC2

16th December 1999


Sorry this mail may be a bit late, I've been struggling with my own millennium bug, which wiped out my hard disk, so it's back to scratch.

All the more reason to have a good blow out on the 16th when we'll be having our Christmas bash. I'm really looking forward to it. Expect to see all the usual Rhatigan Flyer 16-12-99 link to galleryprotagonists, hopefully they'll remember the songs!

It's also a chance for us to say thanks to all our supporters and the wonderful staff at the 12 Bar who make it the best live music venue in London

Oh come all ye…

Come and triumph the survival for another year not to mention millennium of RHATIGAN et al.

Come and give praise for the previously obscured vocal voluptuousness melody and wit of former Dream City Film Club front man MICHAEL J SHEEHY.

Come and rejoice the diversity and quality of Birmingham maestro's PARACHUTE.

Come and bear witness to the debut gig of brand new lounge/Beefheart influenced band SPORT

Come and party, it's Christmas….

Bookings 0171 2092248 Doors 8pm £5 or £4 with flyer Link to 12 Bar

Denmark Place, London WC2
Wednesday October 6th

Y Godd what have we here,Flyer 6-10-99 link to gallery another impossibly eclectic Cushy night.
We try to bring you the best new music around or failing that the best but perhaps unrecognised bands we like. This month is slightly different something old and something new. An acoustic set by a former chart-topping band with a new singer David Bassey, A new band with a former singer from The Clientele, Innes Phillips called The Relict. A collective including a four-piece string section crossing the folk/pop divide Madman's Butterfly. Oh and last but by no means least the ever evolving Rhatigan airing songs from their long awaited forthcoming EP.

Bookings 0171 2092248 Doors 8pm £5 or £4 with flyer Link to 12 Bar

Denmark Place, London WC2

Monday September 27th

A special one off Monday night Cushy, featuring Woodbine an English three piece whose eponymous debut album out on October 11th on Domino, delivers just what you might expect from a label defined by the quality of it's output. Woodbine are exceptional not just for the beauty and subtlety of their songs and the allure of their sparse lazy grooves, but among a roster of the best imported songwriters and bands today (Will Oldham, Smog, Pavement, Plush and Elliott Smith), they hold their own.Flyer 27-9-99

Turin Brakes played a few weeks ago at the club and made quite an impression with the freshness and intensity of their performance. They manage to not so much re-invent the sound of two guys playing acoustic guitars and singing great harmonies, as rejuvenate it. Their debut 'the door' EP, out now on Anvil Records, bears testament to that.

Ray is the band surrounding the songs of brothers' Nev and Mark Bradford. Tonight they will be a four, crafting atmospheric pop with shimmering guitars, violin, cello and a voice landing spectacularly on the fault line between Nick Drake and David Bowie.

Bookings 0171 2092248 Doors 8pm £5 or £4 with flyer
Link to 12 Bar

Denmark Place, London WC2
I was delighted to indulge my country fetishes last month when the we were graced with the timeless southern twangings of Mark Stewart and his wife Stacey Earle simple and beautiful songs sensitively performed in that effortlessly professional way those darn yanks seem to have down. Thanks also to Kathleen Haskard and the ubiquitous Bob. Next…

Thursday September 2nd

Rhatigan Back from hols, driving round the Alps listening to a great compilation I picFlyer 2-9-99ked up at the airport. I found my self desperately scouring the ever decreasing 'ye olde cassette' section of the record shop at Stanstead. Happily I found 'Music To Watch Girls By' all my favs, staples of MOR radio in Ireland in the sixties and seventies. Petula Clark 'Down Town, Nancy Sinatra 'These Boots Are Made For Walking' Bert Kampfert's (hardcore) 'Swinging Safari' (vibes, mandolins, strings and sousaphones a go go). At last I can come out of the closet and show my easy listening colours.
I envy Simon Fisher Turner. He does exactly whatever he wants. Film music for Derek Jarmon from 'Caravaggio' to 'Blue' and David Lynch's 'Nadja' (among others) or a piece for an installation in some exotic location for some prestigious artist or other, record, release and perform his own uncompromising and truly beautiful music on Mute records. He also crops up as The King Of Luxembourg, Love Letter and Deux Filles you get the picture. Simon describes his new album 'Oh Venus' as "musical muck" I know what he means, my Dad, an avid gardener would often come in to the house covered in muck proclaiming "it's clean dirt". I would happily bathe in Simon's muck!
I think Gamine have listened to Petula and Bert too. I've never seen them live but the CD, I'm pleased to say has all the potential I'd been told to expect, although they will be performing a more stripped down version of their sound to accommodate the confines of the 12 Bar. I suppose they could be fairly described as a combination 'St Ettienne/Sundays due in no small measures to the sultry vocal of singer Claudia and the sophistication of Ian Williams' music and arrangements. But don't panic it doesn't get too sweet thanks to the dry and occasionally acerbic observations of lyricist Bill Pritchard. Keep an eye out for the single 'My Virgin Summer' due out on Slaughter Records in September.
Marianne's band Second Star have been playing in town recently and garnering rave reviews for their shows and their song 'Kill The Sound' which features on the Fierce Panda EP 'Dope Is Important'. On the 2nd she will be concentrating on the songs, playing acoustically giving us a chance to really hear her luxurious voice.

Bookings 0171 2092248 Doors 8pm £5 or £4 with flyer Link to 12 Bar

Denmark Place, London WC2

I'm still reeling from last months Cushy night, it was quite an adventure, thanks to every one for being there.

Thursday August 5th

Rhatigan As I'm writing this, I'm still deciding what the plot is for this month's show. Hopefully a return appearance from the strings Mary, John and Jonathan, who's contribution last month made it a very special occasion for me, combined with my old stalwarts John bass and Paul drums, weather permitting. You'll just have to turn up and see.

Flyer 5-8-99 In honour of 'BOB'
A slightly different plan for the early part of the evening. Gearles Reacords artists Mark Staurt and Stacey Earle along with their pal and 12 Bar regular Kathleen Haskard are having a bit of an end of tour bash. All fine songwriters and performers so don't be late.


Bookings 0171 2092248 Doors 8pm £5 or £4 with flyer Link to 12 Bar

Denmark Place, London WC2

Our aim at Cushy is to bring a wide range of songwriters to as diverse an audience as possible. The best nights are the ones when people make a night of it and watch all the bands, not run off as soon as their friend/family has finished. This was the case again last month, which along with the great performances made it a great evening.

Thursday July 1st

Rhatigan This month we will be making up for our missing bass player by introducing a string section for the first time. We've had so much fun developing our arrangements with 'The Bone' this seems like a logical step. Flyer 1-7-99
Chris t-t Out on July 5th on Wine Cellar Records through Cargo, the Chris t-t debut album 'Beat Verse' is an adventure in folk psychedelia. Guided by voices, Ariel M , Reckless Eric, Violent Femmes, they're all here. Happily so is Chris, essentially a great songwriter who's not afraid to experiment with sounds and grooves without obscuring the point, the song. Guests on the album include Magoo's Owen Turner and former Baby Birkin member Kevin Younger from Speed Of Sound.
"Beatverse demands to be heard, from sublime opener to subtle end. Awesome, truly awesome" - Liz Bartholomew, Slampiece
"Ace unhinged fuzzy acoustics from Chris T-T" - The Independent
"His album sounds like Robyn Hitchcock on a bender with Dinosaur Jr" -

Another mysterious tape given to me by Nicx. Don't know too much about Matt, he's new in town, but he has a dark brooding style that I like, mean and moody with tunes.

See you on the 1st
Bookings 0171 2092248 Doors 8pm £5 or £4 with flyer
Link to 12 Bar

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